Daily Archives: August 19, 2013

Music for parents and children-zoom, zoom, zoom, we're going to the moon.

I’ve recently been travelling around the UK visiting a lot of friends who have small children, and it was very apparent that all the small children really related well to music and sound and instinctively enjoyed exploring it, twanging the guitar, bobbing in time to the music, etc. I really think the vast majority of children have musical instincts and it is a failing in how the education model is set up that this rapidly becomes configured into not-that-useful ideas about ‘talent’ and discipline and conformity.

I was so struck by how readily all these infants, toddlers and under tens responded to music that I decided to do some videos for parents to do with small children. Think of them as emergency songs to soothe and distract. This is the first one – taken from Cerys Matthew’s lovely compendium of songs, Hook, Line and Singer.

I’ll be putting more of these up and I’d love to hear how any parents get on with them.

YouTube Preview Image