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Idler Ensemble Singing week 5

Hello Idlers!
I’m looking forward to Friday! Here is a copy of all the music which should download as pdf when you click. I have amended the layout of Malaika to be on 2 sheets. Also the translation on ‘Malaika words’ doc. The music of Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child and the words to Bright morning star are there. I’ve got half a mind to see if Jenny Bennett wants to collab on singing ‘Oh dear Oh’, because she and I could do some harmonies and put some folky baroque violin in, and anyone who wants to join in singing could do so, so I’m just going to put that up too. Check back later as I want to put up new recordings for you to practice to later that are a bit slower than the recordings in the blog post below for last week.

Malaika 2 pages

malaika words

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Bright Morning Stars

Oh Dear Oh

In case anyone didn’t see the week 4 post, it’s here http://www.keytomusic.co.uk/idler-ensemble-singing-week-4/ and it has the recordings of parts in it which I am putting up again in this post.

motherless child higher voice

motherless child all voices

motherless child lower voice

Malaika all voices

Malaika melody soprano

Malaika lower

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 mid part

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 top part

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 low part