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Everybody can enjoy singing and everyone can improve their voice!

Singing is great fun. There are societies in which the notion that somebody couldn’t sing just wouldn’t make sense-it would be like someone with two well functioning legs saying they couldn’t walk. But in Western culture, a division has sprung up between ‘experts’ – professional musicians/performers etc, and us; and sometimes our right to enjoy making music can be unduly mediated via these experts. We can feel inhibited about making music or singing if something comes out unexpectedly. I think music is a really natural instinct, and it’s really rare for someone to be totally unmusical. If you enjoy music and you love to listen to it, you are already musically inclined, and the rest is just time and technique.

When it comes to singing or playing an instrument, there’s co-ordination involved that is trained by repetition and practice. The way sound is produced when we sing is a result of air travelling up from the diaphragm and being shaped by our vocal cords. So although some aspects of the sound we make are determined by our physiognomy and are fixed (eg-the lowest note you can sound will not change much even if you do voice training as it depends on thickness of vocal cords); there are other parts of sound production that respond really well to development; namely the tone of the sound produced, the resonance, the accuracy of pitching and staying in tune, breath control, and upper range. There are so many reasons to sing-it’s linked to improvement in mood; breathing in sync with other people is a powerful experience; and regular singing is even linked to improved heart health! So if you’ve ever wanted to sing but held back because you didn’t like the sound that came out, or felt embarrassed, stay tuned for vids on developing your voice, and get singing!

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Key To Music gets Funky

Hi everyone and welcome to our new look website.

Here at Key To Music we’re really excited to have our whole new look, and keep an eye out for more exciting things coming your way very very soon.

In the meantime, just check this out for the coolest video we’ve seen in a long time…

We’ve plans in place for all sorts of totally great content to help feed your passion for music, so if you’re not already fired up with Rhythm… you soon will be!