Are you looking for Piano Lessons in London?

At KTM our young, passionate team of tutors can help you achieve your dreams with our piano lessons in London. If you would like piano lessons, Key to Music can teach you on either the keyboard or the piano.

The piano is timeless and with its enormous range, it is the serious composer’s instrument of choice. So if you are a budding songwriter maybe taking piano lessons in London is the choice for you.

Maybe you are looking to play the keyboards. This is the technological answer to the piano. If this is the instrument of your choice then piano lessons will give you the skills you require. Again the keyboard is perfect for the budding songwriter or singer and can be used for creating different sounds or producing your own electronic music.

In London we have many experts teaching piano. Piano lessons London can help you explore you a variety of styles, from jazz through to modern rock and pop. Key to Music can cater for the classical style as well as our speciality of rock and pop.

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Why should you take piano lessons with us?

Our Piano lessons are designed to not only give you the discipline necessary to learn the piano but will give you access to a grounding in the theory of music. If you are enthusiastic about ensemble playing, some opportunities should be available to you within your first year. You can choose to study at home with your own piano or come along to one of our tutors.

Our teachers all have relevant qualifications and experience in their field, with many of them being professional practising musicians. All of our teachers are CRB checked and work in schools as part of the governments Wider Opportunities scheme. We can suggest syllabus material from a classic to modern repertoire, or you can steer the choice of repertoire.

The syllabus is divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. We believe strongly in motivation so we encourage you to direct your own studies and to be involved in your choice of material.

Whatever your age or ability we can help you achieve your aim of playing the piano or keyboard.

Looking for piano lessons in London?

You will soon be tinkling those ivories if you choose to study piano with Key to Music.


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