Recap of Idler vocal workshop 24th September

This is a short follow up of the session we did on 24th, with two videos – one is  recap of the discussion about vocal tone and a run through the warm up exercises on the sheet with a bit of explanation, and the second video is just the exercises with no interim chat, so that once you’re used to them you can run them in sequence.

In a previous blog post and vid (it’s in the sidebar) I’ve talked a bit about how singing in tune and developing a consistent tone are very trainable capacities. Wherever you are with your singing at the moment, there is absolutely no doubt that if you’re interested and you can spend a bit of time on it, you can extend your technique. If that is something you want to do, regularity is key-if you can do the ten minute warm ups 4-5 days out of a week, that’ll do more for your singing than doing 30 mins on one day. With repetition, your body learns to co-ordinate how much air is required for different pitches, or how to supply enough air for a tricky phrase, or how to listen to a melody and sing a harmony over the top.

There’s also an mp3 of the three part gospel tune we did, Bright Morning Stars. If you would like the individual parts I can put them up too.

So whenever you prepare to sing, there are a few things to remember:

- posture-being relaxed and comfortable. Do a few shoulder rolls and relax your head, neck, shoulders and find a comfortable position between balls and heels of feet. To start with, it is good to stand to do the warm ups as you have more room for breath and it’s easier to tune your mind into where in your body the air is coming from/travelling to.

- breath-taking a few deep breaths helps to relax and activate the diaphragm. It’s very common during a busy day to be breathing from the chest for at least some of the time. Doing some lip rolls is a good way to start moving bigger volumes of air.

Recap and explanation – 15 mins

YouTube Preview Image

Ten Minute vocal work out

YouTube Preview Image

Bright Morning Stars

Bright Morning star all

If you are interested in another particular area of singing (eg harmonies) you are welcome to express that and I can do another little vid.

Handout here Idler wshop 24 sept handout – participants

Audio for Red Red Rose in preceding blog post.


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  1. I must put a sign up that says “Sing now” so that I start practicing. I am listening to John Tams and Barbara Dickson. If I make progress Glen Delpit maybe, and Knopfler and Taylor.

    • Great idea! Put it somewhere you’ll see it. I’ll investigate those vocalists. I’m going to Ireland on tour tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to update the blog while I’m away, but if you go through those exercises they’ll really help. Thanks for posting!

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