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Geoff S

I’m originally from the North East and took lessons with former Total Guitar rock columnist- Jimi Savage. After that I moved to Leeds where I studied Jazz at the Leeds College of Music. I currently divide my time between London and Leeds.

I love all types of music and have extensive playing experience which has covered many genres of music, including rock and pop, metal, jazz, hip hop, electronic and world music. I have worked with artists such as Andreya Triana, currently on Ninjatune; and have performed on TV and radio and recorded in EMI Studios in London.

My current project, Baltimore Gun Club is an electro/indie rock band, a collaboration with Leeds based producer DJ Zemion. In addition you can hear my guitar on the DJ Zemion remix of Lookout by The Procession which is available on itunes.

Philosophy, Style and Expertise:

I’ve been teaching guitar now for nearly 12 years and it’s a real passion of mine. I love to help the student find their own style and develop the areas that interest them, while at the same time introducing them to some new areas that they maybe haven’t experienced before.

My philosophy is that there is no student that can’t learn and progress on the instrument, provided they have the enthusiasm and are willing to put in regular practice.

For examinations I prefer the Registry of Guitar Tutor grades which I believe really set the student up with the skills required for the modern music industry.


BA (Hons) 2:1 Jazz Studies


London, SW12 8DS
020 7351 3267

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  1. Student references:
    ‘Very impressed with the guitar lessons that I’ve had so far. Always interesting and enjoyable as there is plenty of variety to the teaching. Particularly like that I can suggest songs and guitar riffs from my music collection and they can be incorporated into the lessons. Surprised how much I’ve picked up in such a short space of time. Would certainly recommend these lessons as an absolute beginner who can now enjoy playing some of his favourite stuff.’
    Andrew Pitt

    ‘Relaxed and enjoyable lessons which bring the best out of your guitar playing, Fun and friendly lessons, with the music and style that you prefer. Geoff is an encouraging and helpful teacher who supports you to play guitar in your busy schedule. A talented teacher who is reliable and professional.’
    Ruth H

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