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Bass tutor (classical/jazz) based in dalston, east london

I give private instruction in a number of different of instruments and different music topics. I teach Double bass (Classical/Jazz), Electric bass, Electric guitar/Acoustic guitar. I also teach Jazz theory / Classical theory (Associated board grade 5 and further) and Composition/Arranging. Occasionally I organise workshops for Children or Adults, these range from “Introducing Children to Jazz” to “Team building for Adults using Music” If you are interested in a Workshop I can often tailor something to your specific needs. I have taught A level and GCSE Music and I am happy to give instruction in either or these topics as well.

I teach from my home in Dalston (North East London.) The nearest station is Dalston Kingsland (10 minutes walk) or Dalston Junction (11 minutes walk). I have a large amount of musical equipment at the house, you can choose to bring your instrument or you are welcome to use an instrument here if it makes travelling easier.


I hold a Jazz Bmus Degree from Trinity College of Music (1st) and Associated Board Grade 8 Double bass (Classical)


N16 7RL

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