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Stefano teaches Voice, beginner piano, cello and violin

I am a professional musician. I graduated in Italy at the Conservatoire in 2003 and have been performing and teaching for over 10 years. I studied at the prestigious Santa Cecilia’s Conservatoire in Rome.
I enjoy teaching and my students often excel in their subjects.
During my teaching career I have worked with students of all ages and levels, including students with special needs, e.g. Down’s syndrome.

As a musician I have performed for artists such as “Il Divo”, “One Direction”, “The Blue”, “Amalia Grè”, “Goran Kay” and many others; and at venues such as Wembley Arena, The Royal Albert Hall, The 02 Academy etc.

Philosophy, Style and Expertise:

Music is the mother of all the arts, it can be incredibly demanding and competitive especially if one wants make a career out of it, but it is also essential for building an healthy, deep and intelligent individual, even if practiced as a simple hobby. I think nowadays, more than ever in history, we as humans need to invest in culture and especially into arts. Our society in fact, through what we call “capitalism” transformed most of us into “working machines”, with “making money” as the main and too often the only goal in life. Our rich and abundant society finds itself far too often lacking of basic human characteristics: compassion, trust in each other, generosity, equality, justice, peace, happiness etc; and I strongly believe that capitalism/materialism is the main cause of that.

During my teaching career (over 10 years now) I have seen with my own eyes how music can change people, how it can make them friendlier, more fulfilled and basically happier. That’s why I decided to pursue my career not only into performing but also into teaching.

Tutor should discourage parents who push for their kids to compete and pass as many exams in a short time as possible. I believe that stress and competition are not the key. Music is passion and happiness, and only the kids can find those two essential elements inside themselves, we can only help them discover the beauty of making music.

What I teach:

Cello: any age and level
Violin: any age an level

Singing: any age and level
Piano: for beginners only, up to grade 4.

In details:

For cello and violin I teach their specific techniques together with Musicality, Aural, Theory and Harmony, Sight reading, Style, Repertoire, Improvisation, and preparation to ABRSM exams.

For Singing I teach the Diaphragmatic techniques, Projection and Resonances, Chest and Head singing, Styles (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Opera).

For Piano I teach the basics (Posture, Scales, Arpeggios, Sonatas) in order to pass ABRSM exam till grade 3.

I am based in Wallington (Surrey) and teach mainly in my place, but I can travel if required.

I can teach from my own space at home.



a teacher, Cello, Violin, Singing, So-Fa (Solfeggio), Piano, Harmony, Music History, Quartet, Orchestra ensamble. QUALIFICATIONS Music Degree (28-06-2003)


London, SM6

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  1. Some feedback:

    From cello student Hannah:
    “Stefano is absolutely wonderful. As a beginner, he was incredibly patient at teaching me. If I found something more difficult, he would stick with me at it until I found myself progressing at a good pace. He is an inspiring tutor who encouraged me to practice at my best. I would 100% recommend Stefano as a tutor to anybody and everybody who wants to learn an instrument and sustain enthusiam throughout!”

    Feedback from Shu-Chen:
    “Joseph and Joshua both are enjoy Stef’s lessons. We all agree he is a good teacher. He is patient and friendly. He also a knowledgeable musician.”

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