Daily Archives: February 16, 2014

Idler Spring Ensemble singing course Week 3

During this session we examined our ranges. You’ve now all marked your ranges in on the appropriate line, and to expand the usefulness of this as a point of reference, it would be a good idea to take a different colour and within the ends of your range, mark in your comfortable range. To find it, you can use this online keyboard which has the notes marked on the keys. Experiment with that and fill that in on the diagram. If you missed the session, the hand-out which will explain what we looked at is here: Participants Idler Ensemble Singing week 3 17 Feb 2014

Next week we’ll look in more detail at the different registers of your voice and what to do in order to work towards connecting the registers and moving smoothly between them. If increasing your range is something you want to work towards, or if you want to make a certain part your range more useable, the mmmmmm-vee va vee va veee exercise and nee nay nah are really good.  Here some reference clips for Malaika, I could also put an explanation and the rest of the lyrics up later in the week. Make sure to enjoy my phone beeping with a text, miraculously in the right key and kind of in time!

Malaika all voices

Malaika melody soprano

Malaika lower