Bass Guitar

The Electric Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is a fundamental part of pop and rock music.

It propels the music and sits underneath the guitar and vocals, backing up the harmony. It’s easy to play simple bass but the mastery of rhythm is a sufficient challenge to last for years.

The bass and drums together form the rhythm section. They are the engine room that drives the song forward. Unlike good guitar players, who are a dime a dozen, good bass players are always in demand and are often the unsung hero of the band.

The modern electric bass guitar developed from the double bass, and other traditional bass instruments. As techniques have evolved, the electric bass has come to be used as a soloing instrument in jazz, fusion, Latin, and funk styles, and bass solos can also be performed in other genres.

Our bass guitar lesson tutors can help you develop in whatever style you choose, from rock riffs to funk grooves to walking jazz basslines.


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