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  1. Key to Music  |  

    Student references:
    ‘Very impressed with the guitar lessons that I’ve had so far. Always interesting and enjoyable as there is plenty of variety to the teaching. Particularly like that I can suggest songs and guitar riffs from my music collection and they can be incorporated into the lessons. Surprised how much I’ve picked up in such a short space of time. Would certainly recommend these lessons as an absolute beginner who can now enjoy playing some of his favourite stuff.’
    Andrew Pitt

    ‘Relaxed and enjoyable lessons which bring the best out of your guitar playing, Fun and friendly lessons, with the music and style that you prefer. Geoff is an encouraging and helpful teacher who supports you to play guitar in your busy schedule. A talented teacher who is reliable and professional.’
    Ruth H

  2. Key to Music  |  

    References for Daniel from his current students:
    I have played alongside Daniel within the band for the last 4 years, and during that time, have always been impressed with his playing, dedication and professionalism. When it comes to learning or creating guitar parts, he always puts in a little extra to take things to the next level.’ – ‘David Dawes’ – Session Client/Private student

    ‘Daniels teaching style is informative, organised and structured helping me to see not only the goal that we are working towards, but also the easiest and most effective way to get there. I have had previous teachers and made little progress, but thanks to Daniels inspiring outlook and approach to the guitar and music in general, I am much happier with where I am now. I would highly recommend Daniel as a teacher to both adults and children.’ – ‘Patrick Pinnock’ – Private Student

    ‘Daniel is a great teacher, friendly and patient but also extremely well organised, providing a lesson and practice plan each week that have helped me find a path through the complexity of learning to improvise and become a better player.
    Just the kind of guidance and motivation I needed!’ – ‘John Brierley’ – Private Student

  3. Key to Music  |  

    ’The feeling which I have when I’m singing is incredible. There is no negative energy in me; it’s just all great.’’
    Ian, Project Manager

    “Singing with Michaela has been a wonderful experience – by the end of it I was actually singing in front of her like I sing when I’m on my own at home and able to create and appreciate sounds I never realised even existed before! I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys singing or just wants to be able to express themselves better in public. Michaela is a patient and inspiring teacher.”
    Beccy, Designer

    “”Unless you’re a professional most people would agree that it is a daunting experience singing in-front of a stranger but Michaela put me at ease within the first five minutes of our initial meeting. Not only are the lessons informative and well thought out but they are enjoyable whilst always maintaining a progress towards an individuals goals. I have recommended Michaela to my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to anyone looking to improve their vocal with the guidance of a professional and affable tutor”
    Dan, Principal Consultant

  4. Key to Music  |  

    Some feedback:

    From cello student Hannah:
    “Stefano is absolutely wonderful. As a beginner, he was incredibly patient at teaching me. If I found something more difficult, he would stick with me at it until I found myself progressing at a good pace. He is an inspiring tutor who encouraged me to practice at my best. I would 100% recommend Stefano as a tutor to anybody and everybody who wants to learn an instrument and sustain enthusiam throughout!”

    Feedback from Shu-Chen:
    “Joseph and Joshua both are enjoy Stef’s lessons. We all agree he is a good teacher. He is patient and friendly. He also a knowledgeable musician.”

  5. I must put a sign up that says “Sing now” so that I start practicing. I am listening to John Tams and Barbara Dickson. If I make progress Glen Delpit maybe, and Knopfler and Taylor.

    • Key to Music  |  

      Great idea! Put it somewhere you’ll see it. I’ll investigate those vocalists. I’m going to Ireland on tour tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to update the blog while I’m away, but if you go through those exercises they’ll really help. Thanks for posting!

  6. Amanda Tabak  |  

    I really don’t want to sing the fairytale of new york, this is because it is not only a very dreary song but also I would feel extremely uncomfortable singing it with all the offensive language it contains.

    I like Gaudete and the gospel song but am not keen on the white winter hymnal either.

    Are we going to have a session where we discover if we are soprano, alto etc?
    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow
    All the best

  7. Key to Music  |  

    Hi Amanda,
    I found your comment in the end! I think you’ll really enjoy the session with Daniela today and I’m glad that as it happened we did cover ranges in the subsequent session. Gaudete’s great-depending how everyone feels we could look at it in week 4, or I also had a couple of other possibles-really nice uplifting African one too.

    • Key to Music  |  

      Dear Vicki
      Middle C would be fine, but you can also start a bit lower, or maybe do a few that go down as well as up. I think everyone last week was comfortably able to get down to an E below middle C, so you could start a bit lower, or start at middle C and go down first before going up.
      Daniela’s going to be bringing some great stuff this eve and I look forward to see you again next week.

  8. Key to Music  |  

    feel free to nominate a carol! Here are some already on the list: (although I don’t know how many will get done.)

    It came upon the midnight clear
    Good King Wenceslas
    We Three Kings
    God rest ye merry gentlemen
    O little town of Bethlehem