Idler Ensemble Singing Course Week 2

This week we talked about range: how to identify your range and what to do if you want to work with it.

I go over it in the video below. (Note to self-don’t say ‘yesterday’ in videos, as that makes a very short sell-by date for it). In the video I also recap the difference between chest/middle/head voice, and revise the particular exercises to do if you are interested in working with your range.

YouTube Preview Image

The parts to Sway are also in there for ease of ref and the parts for Carol of the Bells. For the latter, there are sound files generated by the scoring programme; if it would be easier to have sung parts I can organise that. The scoring programme doesn’t read repeats very well. I will discuss what we’ve done with Daniela.

I’m working out how to extract audio from video, so I’ll edit this post in a few days when I’ve figured out how to do that. If you post on the blog with any queries and I don’t get back to you within 24 hours, you are welcome to email me at diana dot decabarrus at gmail. Hopefully posts should get through-I’m testing it. The clips for Carol of the bells alto and low parts have some seconds of silence at the start as they are cued from the beginning where it is just the sopranos singing. To download any of the mp3s, right click on them and select ‘save link as’ and they should download.

Carol of the bells low

Carol of the bells alto

Carol of the bells soprano

carol of the bells all parts

Sway Tenor:Bass

Sway Alto

Sway soprano

Sway all parts


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    • Dear Vicki
      Middle C would be fine, but you can also start a bit lower, or maybe do a few that go down as well as up. I think everyone last week was comfortably able to get down to an E below middle C, so you could start a bit lower, or start at middle C and go down first before going up.
      Daniela’s going to be bringing some great stuff this eve and I look forward to see you again next week.

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