Idler Spring 2014 Ensemble Singing week 1

Well done all singers on a great first session!

In a general sense, setting a goal or intention for the course is great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Wherever you start from, whether it’s from a position of never really having sung, or whether you’ve sung a lot in the past but are coming back from a time of no-singing, or whether you want to develop more confidence in a particular aspect of singing, it’s helpfully to make a mental or actual note of it. Doing so will help you to formulate the questions most beneficial to you at your current stage of development, and will give you a means of measuring your progress, which you might otherwise not be aware of.

In terms of the key content from week 1, think about bringing the sound forward into the front of the face. I will go over this in the video-but from the perspective of someone who engaged with vocal technique after years singing with no formal training, this is the thing that has made the single biggest difference to my own vocal confidence and consistency. If you were to concentrate on one thing for the moment, make it the ‘mmm’ ‘nnn’ ‘ng’ buzzing exercises. If you do a few scales with them every day, you should soon start to feel the difference between singing from the throat (tires you out quickly and can strain your throat) and sending the sound forward where you can shape and control it. To start with, if you’re not used to thinking about it in this way, it might feel/sound strange, but stick with it.

Confidence is related to feeling sure about what sound is going to come out when you open your mouth; and recognising how it is going to feel physically to produce that. The more you sing, while directing your awareness to what is happening while you’re singing,The more you sing, while directing your awareness to what is happening while you’re singing, the more you’ll start to discern different things happening to produce the sound and the more in control you will become. Don’t worry if you can’t distinguish very much at the moment – to a non-farmer, a field of cows look the same, but once you spend some time around them you start being able to tell the difference. Same thing with starting to recognise how things feel.

Vocal parts-if you click on the links below, they should open in a different page and play. * Caveat * they are intended to help get you really clear on the notes; and are not the most musical recordings I have ever made! When we sing the songs together, eventually we will want to make the rhythm a bit more swinging and add more dynamics, so treat these as a reference for the notes.


Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 low part

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 top part

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 mid part

Bright Morning Stars Feb 2014 ALL parts

This train part 1

This train part 2

This train all parts

YouTube Preview Image

Feel free to post questions, comments, song suggestions etc below.


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