Singing for Ukelele and recap of Fairy Tale of New York

Hello Ukelele players!

Here are some bits and bobs that may be useful – the gist of the hand-out was all about bringing the sound forward, a downloadable copy of hand-out, a quick recap of parts of Fairytale of New York with an extra chorus part for the altos (first vid), warm up with explanation on bringing the sound forward (second vid) and series of warm ups with no chat (third vid).

In a nutshell, the most important way of thinking about the sound you’re creating is that you are always seeking to bring the sound forward from the back of your throat where it can be shaped. We’re going to examine how this feels and what exercises to do to start getting an awareness of where the sound you’re producing is resonating. It may feel weird if you’ve never experimented with the sound in this way-stick with it, because it will give you much more freedom with your voice and confidence

The whole hand-out should download from here: Singing for Ukelele players 25 Nov 2013

03-Fairytale_Of_New_York_(Feat._Kirsty_MacColl) Copy

Fairy Tale of New York:

YouTube Preview Image

There is a 14 min video that recaps the idea of bringing the sound forward and talks about tone here, and explains the warm up exercises.

YouTube Preview Image

Once you’re au fait with that, if you want to just run the exercises without any chat in between, you can do so via this shorter 10 min clip.

YouTube Preview Image
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