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Hi Tutors!

This is a page where you can submit updated info for your contact details, photos and also your invoices. We want to develop it to include resources for tutors about lesson planning and teaching in general, and some FAQ about how Key To Music works-so please let us know what type of content you would find useful.


To send us information about you, please go here.

To submit an invoice for a batch of lessons, please go here.

To submit an invoice for a trial lesson, please go here.

Here are some standard docs you may find useful – tutor guidelines describes how Key To Music operates, advises on how to get a CRB/DBS check and runs through what we expect from tutors and what tutors can expect from us, including info on rates of pay, etc. Tips for tutoring is a list of things to think about when planning lessons, or when considering how to develop your teaching practice.

Tutor Guidelines Tips for Tutoring


Signature Sheet

Tutor Agreement KTM









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