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South east london based multi-instrumentalist

My name is Jamie, I write and produce songs for various artist in the music industry.

I studied at Greenwich College. I studied Music performing,Musicianship,Studio engineering, Midi workshops and study skills. I enjoyed my time at the college and maintained a good attendance.I left gaining an Access To Music Qualification ,54 Credits at level 4 and a certificate to teach in the life long sector.

My studies provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge.
I am very interested in using my experiences to inspire budding musicians. I decided I would like to teach music and concentrate on my teaching career.

I was then was offered a Music Teacher position at a local secondary school.
I gained valuable teaching experience, working with students,teaching at GCSE level.
From a young age music has always been a passion of mine. I play Drums, Guitar and sing to a high standard. I am also a very accomplished songwriter and producer.



SE18 1RX

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