Are you looking for Singing Lessons or vocal coaching in London?

At KTM our young, passionate team of tutors can help you achieve your dreams with our singing lessons in London.

The voice is the most common instrument overlooked when it comes to music tuition. It is a misconception to assume that you have to have a great voice to sing.

Here at Key to Music we can teach you to use your voice, just like teaching you to use an instrument. The art of singing is governed by your ability to manipulate your vocal chords, shape your mouth and control your breathing. These are the building blocks of any great voice and they should be trained much like any other instrument.

KTM’s singing lessons in London’s tutors are also experienced in live stage performances; in fact they perform live all over London. We can also teach you the skills to develop your stage presence and how to hold your audience’s attention.

Key to Music has a syllabus that covers lots of popular songs as well as many classical but we can also assist you if you wish to study a particular artist or song. Whatever your aim, just singing in the shower, or bringing the house down at Wembley, KTM’s singing lessons in London will help you find your voice.

If you choose to study individually we can arrange for you to be taught at home if you wish.

Our team of teachers are both highly qualified and highly experienced in their chosen fields with many being professional performers in their own rite. All teachers are CRB checked as well as being interviewed and vetted. Key to Music cherry picks their tutors not only for their qualifications and experience but most importantly for their passion and enthusiasm.

We consider motivation to be a prime concern and aim to have the student directing their own way alongside their tutor. We also encourage our students to be involved in the choice of the material that they would like to work with.

Our teachers follow the KTM system which means that after every five singing lessons a report is filed to ensure the pupil and teacher are on the right track.

Would you like to take singing lessons either individually or in a group?

You will soon be singing your favourite song if you choose Key to Music’s singing lessons, London.


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